When it comes to traditional hotels and B&B's offering accommodations throughout the world, the accommodations are not the same when it comes to services. In fact, hotels in worcester and other parts of England have a very different approach when it comes to customer service when it comes to the same types of accommodations in America. For instance, the many classic hotels and B&Bs in the UK include Tudor mansions and old buildings that are hundreds of years old. The same accommodations in America are newer with less personality and class, say travelers commenting online.

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Comparing different accommodations

Another aspect of hotels and B&Bs being different throughout the world is linked to local culture. For example, the tradition of bed and breakfast places in England dates back to days when hotels did not exist. In turn, a room above a pub in the UK is still somewhat common today but almost non-existent in countries in the Middle East where alcohol is prohibited. Also, the trending hotels throughout Europe and Asia today are very different than the cut-rate motels found across America's famed Route 66.

British B&Bs are home grown

While there are many quaint hotels and B&Bs in America, Canada and in other parts of the world, there is nothing quite like a traditional British B&B, say longtime fans of this type of accommodation. For one, it is unlikely that a British B&B will be linked to some large hotel chain as is the case in many parts of the world. The classic B&B that are hugely popular in the UK are "home grown," or individually owned and operated. "We found a smashing B&B in London that offered us something unique and local," commented a couple online.

The other differences of staying in various accommodations around the globe include:

- A no tipping policy requirement or a demand to tip staff
- A view that you get what you pay for
- Some offer free food and drinks; while others charge for just about everything
- Some feature rooms with bathrooms; while other older B&Bs and hotels have shared bathroom facilities

In general, it is best to research a hotel or B&B online first before booking to ensure you are getting what you want, say travelers commenting online.

Customer service is important

Moreover, the main difference between hotel and B&Bs worldwide is the price range. While customers may pay more for a nice suite at a trendy resort in the U.S., they will pay about half that rate in Mexico or South America where hotels and B&Bs have lower overheads and charge far less for accommodations. Still, many travelers say they are willing to pay slightly more for a hotel room or B&B if the customer service is spot on. "We still remember being greeted right away with a feeling that we were important," commented a happy B&B client in London; while offering a glowing testimonial online about the great customer service.

Overall, there are many differences in booking a hotel or B&B around the world today. However, if a traveler is looking for some friendly personal attention and a bit of uniqueness, they will likely have to pay a bit more in today's highly competitive international marketplace for traveler accommodations.